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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Ok lol So this is now the NEWEST and MOST RECENT post I have on here :D I am happy to say that I will be returning and writing again :3 Weee!!! xD Lol ok so hmm well here is the sum of my life from the last post I put up! (Ok well maybe a little more recent because I can't really remember that far back xD ) :
1.Had a great time on my B-day! ^-^ It was on Nov.30th! Fun fun! 2.Had a great time at the new years babysitting "party" :3 3.Mom and Dad had gotten a divorce. Sucked like hell I say! 4.Umm lots of things happened.. dont really remember it all x[ 5.Skool---------------until intersession! That was great! x3 +Plus:Got to see diff places I can go to for college +Plus:Got to go to Hollywood and Universal Studios there +Plus:Got to stay with my friends in the hotel room & made new ones -Negative:Had to see 4 colleges in one day, one after another. -Negative:Feet hurt after the second day, 'cause of the no stop walking! -Negative:We were to tired to even stay up late 6.Got progress report (or was it the report card?..hmm..don't member! >.<)..Later showed it to my mom...she had the 'talk' with me about staying at Mercy High School..Decision came down to 'You have to go to another school'. Picked South City High School. (Not that far from my house, walking or biking distance) Going to leave Mercy during spring break. 7.Spring break comes: Everybody either mad or sad! TT^TT MOST RECENT
Ok so now we are here at the current time. I left Mercy High 2 days early and everyone was sad! TT^TT I felt like crawling into a corner and crying because they made me feel like I shouldn't leave! x[ Hmm a couple of days ago I went to D
isney land and had a great time! (If you don't include the fighting with my brother and stuff like that :D) There was a lot of rides that we had gotten on that were new!

We also got onto 6 other rides that my little brother hadn't gone on yet. *Tower of Terror *Indiana Jones *Jungle Cruise *Splash Mountain *Space Mountain and *Pooh bear (lol) The Tower of Terror and Splash mountain were my little bro's scariest rides he had gone on. After getting on the Tower one, he said he didnt want to go on again. Splash mountain he said was fun and he loved Space mountain! We went on that one like 4 or 5 times. We wanted the pics that were taken when you rode on tower of terror and also splash mountain.. but they both didnt come out! For Tower, someone flicked off the camera so the pic 'fell into another dimension' and for splash mountain, they just were not taking any. So we got pissed at that.
Ok so now I am going to go to South City High and I start tomo. Today I went to go see the assistance principal and he gave me the hand out and stuff and so tomo I start my classes, see the campus more, go to the library, and get my locker. So much stuff! TT^TT I am starting to wish I didn't leave Mercy! >__< style="font-weight: bold;">

Aya @ 7:20 PM

Monday, October 24, 2005

Ok well hmm what to talk about!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? hehehehehehehe ok well hmmm how about my day well hmmmm.... ok well hopefully I wont get my ass kicked by any of my teachers because I didnt do some of my homework... >.>...<.<.... ok maybe I did do some but hey!!!!!! come on!!!I needed to read my manga book!!!!! It was a new one ok!?!?!?! Doubt Vol.1 is really koolioz you know!!! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee hehe any ways so hmmmmmmm well now I am waiting for mar vol.4 to come out!!!!!! I neeeeeeeeeed it!! i mean neeeeeeeeed it!!! XD heheheheeh ok im kinda hyper... ok when am I not?!?! ok well i think I will leave it at that yah? c yaz!

Aya @ 7:58 PM

Sunday, October 23, 2005

WEEEEEEEEEE i post again!! XD it has been a REALLY long time huh!? hehe anyways who does read my posts huh!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! lol ok well hmmmmmmmmmmmm........ ill leave it at that V.V... check out my deviant art ok!?!? because youknow you want to!! hehehehehe lol soooooo hmmmm ok well thats it! ^-^ c ya all later?!?!?!? I hope heheh ^-^

Aya @ 1:21 PM

Monday, August 15, 2005

Ello all =] lol I doubt anyone reads what I write! XP So.. Why do I bother Writing!?!?!?!?! *sigh* oooohhh well.. and no one likes to leave comments in my tag board anymore ;___; *sigh again* well I would expect AMY to do it... BUT she hasnt BEEN online in like FOREVER and i CALL HER and she NEVER PICKS UP!!!! >.>..... Dammit Amy!!!!!!!!!!! XP *Sigh loudly* Ok well anyways so hmm.. ok well I guess thats it! Yup yup! ^_^ Nothing really to talk about!!!! Except for the fact that summer is ALMOST over and I want to stay in summer forever! >.<>0< *huggles all* lol ok well I guess I will leave it at that yah? =D ok bbyz then!!! ^^

Aya @ 8:07 AM

Saturday, August 13, 2005

ok well this is another new layout and WOW it has been a long time! Lol haven't written in here for a LOOOOOOOONG time! hmmmm well what is there to say? I am having my party soon and I hope everyone I am inviting is comeing!! XP I want them all to come! or I will cry ;__; hehe ok well hmm... 0___o nothing new has happened really except for maybe me buying new books >.< hmm... fma vol.2, Ultra maniac and Tokyo mew mew alamode (is that how you spell it? 0_o) and yah so hmm... ok well i guess thats it.. unless you have questions then leave them on my tag board ok? =D thankies and bbyz!

Aya @ 1:33 AM

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Yay! new layout! well i was bored... and hmm well iono what else to say >.<>.< buahahahah lol anyways so i will talk to you all later k!? love ya all! =] *huggles*

Aya @ 1:14 AM

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Yay! new layout! I am kinda fond of this one but iono lol hmm well lemme c >.>..... lol hmm well I am glad that Lindsay came back safe =D yet I ENVY her for GETTING and ENVY FIGURE!!!!!!! *fire in eyes* ((((ARRRGGG!!!! I want to go and get one ;____; but as you all know... as some racist people would say. and i can agree i guess >.>... but us Mexicans are usually poor *sigh* well iono lol I am hoping that one of these days I can go back =D yay!!!!))) lol so hmm well iono what else to say >.>............ hmmmmmmmm *tries to think and stresses her bean brain and it bursts into chilli with cheese* @_______@ *drools* Ahhhhh........... *puppet rosa emerges* Hello again. I am very glad I am able to speak to you all again. Its a pleaser seeing you. Now as you can see, I must take Rosa's position in speaking for the moment because she is in her condition again.. *sigh* and I must attend to her. *looks over and see's rosa running half naked across the room* --Rosa-- WEEE!!!!!!!!!!! Kittens in the air and monkies in my shoes!!!! Buahahahahaah buahahahahahahahahahahahhaah --Puppet Rosa-- I shall attend to her now Good day to you.

Aya @ 10:13 PM


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